Ads & Beyond looks like a scamming company


Type: Online Marketing Scam
Credit: MiBiz News

"My advice is stay away from Ads & Beyond"


It is extremely disappointing that after trustingly investing into Ads & Beyond, where I was continuously pushed to invest further. It turned out that all seems to be a scam.

After my initial investment and getting pushed to invest further I decided to see if I could get the money I initially invested out, so I withdrew my initial investment to my dismay the same day I tried to withdraw my money you (Ads & Beyond) blocked my account and no one is yet to return my several calls. Most importantly I am still awaiting for my money (investment) to be returned to me. 

I have tried to contact that very same representative by the Name "Frank Willy" that was calling me daily with no response. 

I find it frightening that an organisation like yours is doing this to poor, unsuspecting people and scamming them out of their hard earned money.

I still hoped that you would respond and do the correct thing, however it is very evident that was wishfully thinking.